Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics



This journal investigates plagiarism. And if an article has been plagiarized at any stage of the peer-review, acceptance, and publishing process, the author(s) must accept the responsibility.

  • The articles and manuscripts must be original and have not been published in any other journal (even in any other language).
  • All authors named in the article must contribute to the article.
  • Copying other articles is plagiarism.
  • Fabricating data is plagiarism.
  • Using someone else's article in your own name is plagiarism.
  • All articles must have a code of ethics. 

Please note that this journal only publishes manuscripts in English.

The rights of research samples

A consent letter must be obtained from all patients. In other words, all participants in the research must have participated with personal consent.

  • This sentence should be written in the article: "WRITTEN INFORMED CONSENT".

The purpose of conducting the research should be told to the participants (samples).



Conflicts of interest

All authors declare no conflict of interests, including any financial, personal, or other relationships with other people or organizations. Or the authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. 

Authors should not have conflicts of interest.


Informed consent

All manuscripts should write this sentence in the methods section. Informed Consent Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants included in the study.